of anniversaries and resolutions

7 08 2010

Almost a month ago, without any fanfare (or baking for that matter), yamaonna had its first anniversary.  And on this occasion I would like to take a time out to look at my first post Happy New Blog, and in particular, the resolutions I made.

  • Firstly, ‘Write once a week’.  I’d say I have been successful at this.  Although I might not have written every week, I have written the equivalent of once a week.
  • Secondly, ‘Write interesting entries’ (in order to improve my writing).  I can’t say that my writing has improved, but I think I have learnt to focus on methods that make my writing more readable.  Like breaking things down into bulleted lists.
  • Next, ‘Include multimedia, photos, videos, etc’.  Check.
  • ‘Write entries for hikes, walks, flower information, etc…’. Check again 😀 9 hikes already written up, more to come.  A few flower and gardens pages also complete, but there is, as always, more planned.
  • And lastly, ‘I suppose I should write it in Japanese’.  Weeeeeelllll..  This one hasn’t happened.

Overall, 4 out of 5 isn’t bad.  However, it makes me think, what should I try to achieve with my next year of yamaonna?  Apart from continuing on my ‘successes’ to date, I think that dropping the ‘write in Japanese’ resolution is probably for the best.  I’m just too shy to share my bad Japanese with people who know me.

But what does that leave me with to aim for?  Well, I still want to continue writing about hikes, flowers, and gardens.  And maybe, just maybe, I might try my hand at some social commentary (oh won’t that be fun kids?).  But above all else, from now on expect regular updates.

Yamaonna will be updated every Saturday between 5 and 10 pm AEST.  The first, third, and fifth (if there is a fifth) Saturdays will be posts about life in general.  The second Saturday will be posts about flowers and gardens.  And the fourth Saturday will be posts of hiking guides.

I hope you will enjoy!

Happy New Blog!!!

16 07 2009

It’s out with my old Xanga blog and in with a new WordPress one.  After 5 years on Xanga I’ve decided I want a ‘proper’ website, and this is my first step.

The aim is to write a website that has a purpose, and so, it will follow the themes of hiking, walks, flowers, food and my general life.  And to start with I would like to state some resolutions (new blog resolutions??)

  1. Lose weight… opps, no, wrong kind of resolution…

Lets try that again.

  1. Write once a week
  2. Write interesting entries, which for me is a hard goal.  My writing is quite bland, but that won’t improve without practice right?
  3. Include multimedia, photos, videos, etc
  4. Write entries for hikes, walks, flower information, etc, as if they were for a guide book, so that people can find them useful!
  5. Eventually, I suppose I should also write in Japanese… practice and all that….  we’ll see.

So thats enough to start with.  Wish me luck!