Yukimidaifuku Nama-choco Strawberry

4 02 2011

I’ve talked about Yukimidaifuku before, but now they have released a new seasonal flavour!

Nama-choco Strawberry!

Mochi filled with strawberry ice cream and a runny chocolate centre. And this isn’t your kiddy strawberry lollipop flavour. No, It’s almost an adult ice cream, not too sweet, and a little tart, but evened out by the sweetness of the chocolate centre.

Another win for Lotte!


15 11 2010

This is Yukimidaifuku

Basically ice cream wrapped in a thin layer of sweet mochi (white rice pounded to make a gelatinous paste)

This is Yukimidaifuku Torokeru Nama Caramel

The current seasonal flavour of Yukimidaifuku has caramel flavouring in the mochi, and a runny caramel centre!

The only words I have to express the awesome-ness of Yukimidaifuku is ‘Om nom nom’…