Brisbane Bites Take 2

31 01 2011

It’s been over a month since I returned to Japan after having a lovely few weeks in Brisbane for Christmas, and my lovely summer tan has finally disappeared under coats, scarfs and gloves. So, it’s about time I shared some photos of my Bris-Vegas adventures.

As always, a fair amount of my time was spent eating the things I don’t usually get to eat. Firstly Lauren took me to Guzman Y Gomez, a mexican (somewhat upscale) fast food restaurant chain from down south. It was beef nachos and margaritas all round!

And no trip to Brisbane is complete without a visit to the Pancake Manor on Charlotte St. I thought I could get through a regular stack, but my stomach had had too much pancake-y goodness 2/3rds through. Such a shame to waste good pancakes.

And of course there was the traditional (well, my family’s) Christmas day lunch of cold cuts of chicken and ham, smoked salmon, prawns and salad! The prawns were to die for!

Between eating I spent most of my time with family, meeting a couple of friends, looking at the sky (it’s sooooo pretty in Australia!) and even managed to go to the Gallery of Modern Art.

Unfortunately only a few weeks after I left, Brisbane and a lot of the state was flooded. Thankfully none of my friends or family were badly affected, but the long term effects are going to be difficult for everyone. In fact, financially it will affect the majority of Australians, so if you can spare, please donate to the flood appeal!

vlog update – goings and comings

27 11 2010

and so this is Christmas~

20 01 2010

About a month late…  but…  well…  anyway….

So with my parental units here for Christmas, my mother’s one wish was to have a ‘white one’.  And with that in mind, we planned to go to Yuzawa Onsen in Niigata.

Since we were away for Christmas Day, we had our family lunch of roast chicken on the Tuesday.  My local supermarket carried whole chickens this year, so it really was a proper christmas lunch

with pudding (^-^)b

The recipe for this pud is from Video Jug, and I highly recommend it.  Everyone (work mates too) said it was delish!

In the evening we went to the illumination at Tobu Zoo (because what’s Christmas in Japan without an illumination?).

The theme was ‘Four Seasons’ but really, they only focused on the cherry blossoms for spring (>_<).

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were spent at the snow.  We had a good package, and despite none of us being able to ski or snowboard we had a good time.  Well, at least it was amusing for my parents to watch me fall down *trying* to snowboard…

To check out some more photos please head over to my flickr page!