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3 02 2011

So it was pointed out to me that I neglected to include some links on my last post (Lauren…).

Here’s a couple of videos that Lauren made of various things we did together whilst I was in Brisbane (Language warning kiddies!). The last one is my favourite 😀

You should subscribe to her on Youtube, she’s hilarious! (and I might be bias)

And as a little bit of self promotion, you can see more of my photos of Brisbane on my flickr site!

Brisbane Bites Take 2

31 01 2011

It’s been over a month since I returned to Japan after having a lovely few weeks in Brisbane for Christmas, and my lovely summer tan has finally disappeared under coats, scarfs and gloves. So, it’s about time I shared some photos of my Bris-Vegas adventures.

As always, a fair amount of my time was spent eating the things I don’t usually get to eat. Firstly Lauren took me to Guzman Y Gomez, a mexican (somewhat upscale) fast food restaurant chain from down south. It was beef nachos and margaritas all round!

And no trip to Brisbane is complete without a visit to the Pancake Manor on Charlotte St. I thought I could get through a regular stack, but my stomach had had too much pancake-y goodness 2/3rds through. Such a shame to waste good pancakes.

And of course there was the traditional (well, my family’s) Christmas day lunch of cold cuts of chicken and ham, smoked salmon, prawns and salad! The prawns were to die for!

Between eating I spent most of my time with family, meeting a couple of friends, looking at the sky (it’s sooooo pretty in Australia!) and even managed to go to the Gallery of Modern Art.

Unfortunately only a few weeks after I left, Brisbane and a lot of the state was flooded. Thankfully none of my friends or family were badly affected, but the long term effects are going to be difficult for everyone. In fact, financially it will affect the majority of Australians, so if you can spare, please donate to the flood appeal!

Brisbane Bites

28 05 2010

Okay, so, I know I’m going to get into trouble for this…  But during golden week I snuck back to Australia for my grandfather’s 90th birthday.  As I didn’t have much time, I only told a couple of friends, so I’m sorry if I missed catching up with anyone who wanted to.  Trust me, my trip was far too short.

Going back to Australia means a few things for me, but eating some of my favourite foods is up there on my to do list.  So here’s what I ate in Australia!

Firstly, the reason for the visit – my grandfather’s birthday cake.  (no, wait…  that’s not quite right….)  The cake is a fruitcake with fondue icing.  We had a friend make it, and she did a brilliant job with our instructions of a ‘cricket theme’.  The bat, stumps, ball, and pads were all made by hand.  She even rolled out liquorice to make the grip on the bat!  And most importantly, it was delish!

We also went down to the Beerwah Pub for lunch, where I had a vegetarian lasagna, and stole some oysters Kilpatrick from my cousin.

Actually, most of my time was spent at Beerwah, where I was spoilt by my mother with a Roast Chicken dinner, and fresh scones.  But during the little time I spent in Brisbane I was taken out to dinner twice by friends.  Firstly was burgers at Grill’d, which live up to their reputation.  Although I had a bacon and cheese burger this time, my all time favourite is the Big Queenslander, because all real burgers should have a slice of beetroot.

The other dinner excursion was to the Satay Hut, a Malaysian restaurant, at Southbank.  We had a set for 2 people which included satay sticks, spring rolls, a curry, garlic vegetables, spicy fried seafood , and all you can eat rice.  It was super tasty, but far too much for us, and we had to ask for a doggy bag.  We also stopped at My Sweetopia to buy some cupcakes to eat later.

That weekend was Buddha’s Birthday, so we saw some of the celebrations at Southbank.  And I took some funky photos 🙂

I also had fun with my iPhone driving through Brissy, and you can see some fuzzy (intentionally) shots in my new iPhone folder on flickr.

And apart from seeing my family, and a little shopping, that was my trip to BrisVegas!