About the Site –

Welcome to Yamaonna, a blog about travel, hiking, walking, flowers, food and life in general by an Australian living in Japan.

Although I have a number of interests, I tend to write guides for hiking in Tokyo and it’s surrounding prefectures. Unfortunately, while there are a few hiking sites for Japan, there really aren’t that many resources in English. My aim with this blog is to share the information that I have researched, and if just one person finds this blog useful, then I’ll be happy.

Please feel free to comment or give me an email with any questions you might have (or if you want company for a hike even!)

About Michele –

Staying true to my scientific roots, here’s a pie graph describing me (^-^)/



8 responses

15 10 2009

You Rock Mountian Woman….

15 10 2009

yeah, okay, profile needs some work…. suggestions?

15 02 2011

I’m definitely going to come back to this site soon. I love hiking, but my friends aren’t interested. Do you hike alone and do you feel safe?

16 02 2011

Hi Hanna, thanks for visiting my site, and I hope you find it useful!
I have the same problem with friends not liking hiking, so I have actually done the majority of these hikes alone. Most are actually pretty popular with Japanese people and you’ll usually see other hikers on the trails. I’ve never felt unsafe on any of these trails, but you should always have take a mobile phone, a bear bell, and let someone know your plans! The most remote hikes I’ve listed are Mt Myojyogatake (Hakone) and Mt Takazasu, but even on those trails I saw other hikers.

20 04 2012

I live in Tokyo too and was looking for some nice hike ideas around Tokyo. I think your articles will help me a lot, thanks!

13 08 2012

I liked your blog. I really enjoyed it while goof offing desk work.
Your blog somehow reminds me my student year. 10 years ago, I was a college student in US. At the time, evrything was new to me and enjoyed cross-cultural experience. Of course the first 6month was like survival because there was no Japanese and I was only able to speak 2 English words, Hi and Bye. But still, it was fun.
I will visit somtime again.

And I liked naming of Yamaonna. Sounds very WILD lol.

2 08 2014
Four Letter Nerd

“time spent somehow” … I discovered in graduate school that time evaporates.

Thank you for your blog. It’s been helpful planning my second trip to Japan.

28 01 2015
Laila Ambar Sari

Hi,,, I am Amber, Indonesian who has been living in Japan for almost one year. I do love hiking, the hiking track in Japan is very friendly I mean the government serves a lot info and the hiking path are well maintained.
Your blog also very full informative. thank you 🙂

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