24 02 2012

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November 25, 2011, Day 5

  • Walking from 7:40 am to 3pm
  • 2 temples (Idoji, Onzanji)
  • 20.2 km
  • Staying at Minshuku Chiba (6825 yen including dinner and breakfast)

Today I had to push myself.  Legs are feeling very very stiff and my calves hurt!

I exchanged name slips with my two new friends at breakfast, and then we were off around 7:40.  Made it to the first temple shortly after 8.  Then it was the long slog to temple 18.

I took the route through Tokushima city.  It was interesting to see a little more of Tokushima, but it’s not a huge city.  Nor does it have much of anything really.  But it was better than climbing the 150 m pass if I used the other way.

Followed route 55 for most of the day.  All in all not very inspiring.

Did have a woman stop and talk to me –…

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