17 02 2012

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November 24, 2011, Day 4

  • Walking from 7:30 am to 4pm
  • 4 temples (Dainichiji, Jorakuji, Kokubunji, Kan-onji)
  • 24.9 km
  • Staying at Uroko-ro (7650 yen including dinner and breakfast)

Boy, do my legs hurt (and feel stiff).

I let the others at the lodge last night talk me into the extra 6km.  So tonight I’m near No. 16, rather than No. 13.

Actually made good time to 13, 5.5 hours.  Considering I thought it would be all down hill, but actually there was a pass we crossed and then mostly downhill.  Today is wasn’t cow smells, but chicken smells.

And there was this one bridge.  If you could call it that.  More like planks were there used to be a bridge.  But it was very very pretty in the mountains and along the river.  It was amazingly blue.

After 13 it was back to Tokushima city and suburbia.  It actually took…

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