Henro Day 3: Journal

10 02 2012

Originally posted at iHenro!

23 November, 2011, Day Three

  • Walking from 7:30 am to 4pm
  • 1 temple (Shosanji)
  • 17.9 km
  • Staying at Nabeiwa-so (6825 yen including dinner and breakfast)

Made it! I kept telling myself if I got though today I could get through anything! And I did. 17.9 km, 3 mountains, 1 temple (and 12.9 km in 5 and a half hours with breaks – I’m proud!).

Start of the trail at Fujidera

Started out after a quick breakfast of croissants at the hotel then walked back to Fujidera. Started out on the trail around 8 o’clock. To be honest, the mountains weren’t that hard, 600m, 745m and 705m, but three in 5.5 hours was a challenge. And I had a blister (but luckily it’s under my foot and gave me no trouble with a band-aid on).

Kobo Daishi at Joren-an

Kept crossing paths with new people today. And spiders. At Joren-an (the last shrine before Shosanji) there was a lovely statue with a huge cedar tree behind it.

Shosanji (No. 12)

Shosanji temple itself was lovely, up amongst the cedars. Stayed there for an hour of so before heading to the lodgings for tonight – Nabeiwa-so. On the way I was stopped at a shop and invited to have some coffee and persimmon as osettai. There I met another pilgrim from Tochigi. Most pilgrims seem to be retired men!

The lodge itself is beautiful. New looking yet traditional and rustic with exposed beams and a lovely cedar smell.

Sign marking Henro Korogashi

So my first henro korogashi challenge is past! Only one more in Tokushima. Looking forward to a good sleep and some flat ground tomorrow!

By the way, I’m in the Cosmos room 😀




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