Henro Day 1: Journal

27 01 2012

(Original Post from iHenro!)

Hello folks! Just a few house-keeping notes before I get into the good stuff. I’m going to write two posts about everyday on the pilgrimage. First will be a Journal post, which will be a copy of the journal I kept along the way on the hike, and following each of those will be a Reflections post with my thoughts as I go along re-reading what I wrote, and any extra photos I want to share.

So, without further ado…

Tally ho!

November 21, 2011, Day One

  • travelling from 7 am to 3pm
  • 5 temples (Ryosenji, Gokurakuji, Kosenji, Dainichiji and Jisoji)
  • 17.8 km
  • 6920 yen on Pilgrim attire
  • staying at Kotobuki Minshuku (6825 yen including dinner and breakfast)

So, had to leave the hotel at 6:45 to catch the 7:00 train (Tokushima Station to Bando Station). No complementary breakfast for me.

Walking from the station to the first temple I was quizzed by a very cute 5th grade girl. Seems she as a foreign English teacher with blue eyes too.

Rosenji (No. 1)

At Ryosenji straight away I was approached by a fellow Henro who explained how to do everything. He was very helpful and even gave me his business card so I can phone him if I have any problems. His name is Uemura-san.

Gokurakuji (No. 2)

The first 2 temples were seen to pretty quickly. Between 3 and 4 I met an American woman who was just finishing her trek. Said it was more difficult than she thought it would be, but also more rewarding than she ever imagined. Stopped for lunch at a shrine just after Kosenji, onigiri from family mart (quite possibly a mistake as it didn’t agree with me later).

Dainichiji (No. 4)

At Dainichiji I was given some osettai – tissues and a hankie, which will come in use. Was starting to get tired so I walked quickly to the last temple and then to my minshuku by 3. A little early, but I’m tired~ Looking forward to a bath and dinner!

Room at Kotobuki Minshuku

Not sure if i really want to do this, it’s really lonely and a little boring. However I’ll stick it out until Tokushima city again and see how I feel about it from there.

Being all by yourself is actually really scary, in that you have to learn to live with yourself. And I don’t cope with boredom very well. It’s been a long time since I had free time and I really don’t know how to relax. Maybe that’s a good reason to do this all. To learn how to do all of the above.

Just taking it step by step.

Going to try planning tomorrow a little now….




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