RIP F-Diddy

17 01 2012

Yes.  I’m a horrible blogger.  Moving on.

Do you remember Fish Dinner?

That was when I first got him.  March of 2008.  Despite being a fish from a fishing game at a festival, and the 2 hour commute home in his little plastic bag, he survived.

He survived me!  The horrible person who would leave him home alone in the summer heat with just a holiday food cube for company.

He was such a good fish.  Loved people.  Liked watching tv too.

When I left Japan he was adopted by ‘new!michele’ (the girl who took over my job and apartment), and I was happy he still had a home.

But when I went back to visit Tokyo in December and enquired after Fish, new!michele had some very sad news.

She had renamed him F-diddy (wish I was creative enough to think of a name like that…).  And F-diddy obviously decided that gangsta was how he would live.  And die.

New!michele went to Kyoto with a friend for a week.  When she arrived back she took one look at the fish tank and thought ‘Where is that fish!’.

She searched high and low for 5 minutes (the apartment isn’t that big) before finding a fish tail and the orange outline of a fish on the floor.  Just like a police crime scene.  Apparently F-diddy lost his life in a drive-by robo-vaccuming.

RIP Fish Dinner.  You were a good fish.  You made me laugh, even at your end.




2 responses

26 01 2012

Heart goes out to little fishy dinner.. No one makes fish like the Japanese make fish.

27 01 2012

indeed. you’ve gotta be tough to survive in the land of sashimi if you are a fish

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