Kotoshi mo yoroshiku~

1 01 2011

I hope for your favour again in the coming year m(_ _)m

Happy New Year peeps! After more than a month of no updates, I just wanted to let you know that yamaonna will be back with regular posts shortly! Try not to pass out hyperventilating from excitement 😛

^photo taken from my parents place in Brisbane, aren’t the colours beautiful!




4 responses

1 01 2011
Javi A.

あけおめ !!!
We are looking forward to your new posts !

Greetings from Spain !

11 01 2011

Thanks for leaving a comment!

3 01 2011

Happy New Year! I’m from Brisbane and living in Tokyo. I did the hike around Ashinoko after reading your blog and I’m sure there are many others who find your blog very useful. I know I’ll be trying some other hikes you’ve blogged about so thanks for providing such a useful site.

11 01 2011

Hello David! Thanks for the kind words, its always good to hear when people find my blog useful! Hopefully I’ll write about a few more hikes very shortly, so please check back!
If you have family still living in the ‘sunshine state’ I hope they are out of the flood areas! It’s crazy weather down there, ne?

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