Five photos of Oze

8 11 2010

Okay, so I’m a little snap happy. When I went to Oze in October I took over 200 photos… Which was then narrowed down to the 87 you can see in my Flickr set. And now I’ve chosen my 5 favourites I’d like to share with you.

Firstly, most of the hike is walking through landscape like this. Unfortunately the sun didn’t like me very much on that day, and I wasn’t really able to capture the true colour of the marshlands. It was a much more vibrant orange, which you’ll see in a later photo.

However the partially cloudy conditions meant the reflections in the ponds spotted here and there were quite pretty.

And the Autumn colours were just gorgeous!

And although it was a little wet too, it didn’t take away from the scenery.

Lastly, this photo taken at Oze Lake gives you a better idea of the colour of the marsh grasses. Just beautiful. Autumn is rapidly becoming my favourite season, but next spring don’t be surprised if I start waxing lyrical about the Cherry Blossoms!

Please click on the photos to view larger versions, or check out all my photos on Flickr!




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