How to become a ‘Cartoon Hero’

29 10 2010

Ayers Rock

Remember Ayers Rock? And Kanga-kun (the inflatable kangaroo?)

Well, the library at my school made a display for Australia just recently, and wanted to use the Ayers Rock and the Kangaroo, so of course I said yes.  As advertising they drew a little cartoon in their newsletter to let the students know –

Ayers Rock Cartoon

That top panel?  Apparently that’s me.  I always wanted to know what I’d look like as an anime character… And it’s amazing they predicted me getting a fringe!

Basically the cartoon reads as –

  1. *AYERS ROCK!!* Did you see the Ayers Rock that the Junior High English Club made for Culture Festival?
  2. The Librarians meet to plan the display about Australia… “Did you see the inflatable Kangaroo???  It was cute!” “Right, lets borrow it for our display too”
  3. *REAL KANGAROO* ‘Waaahh!’ “What is it?? Wood?!”
  4. “No way!” Looking very closely (it is kinda a wood colour…). ‘Miss Librarian, it’s wood isn’t it?’ “No, no no!  It’s not made of wood…”



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