Golden Oze

15 10 2010

Well, even though I have no way of uploading this at the moment of typing, I feel I just have to write down my feelings.
See, right now, at 4:43pm Thursday, I’m sitting in my own room in a mountain hut at the northern end of Oze marsh.
And I am starving, despite having a late lunch at 1. Luckily dinner is at 5:30. And then lights out at 8:30. It feels kinda novel in a way to have no phone reception and plans to go to bed so early, but I’m in a beautiful part of japan, and it also kinda fits.
Oze is just beautiful. I love autumn colors to start with, so that doesn’t hurt, but when I look at the hills around me it’s like a glorious natural patchwork quilt.
And the marsh itself was literally glowing golden in the afternoon sun. Even the boardwalk seemed to complement the setting.
It’s been surprisingly easy to get here and get around. I had worked myself up a bit about the whole having to catch a bus and not having a reservation at this mountain hut. But it all worked out perfectly. I had no reason at all to worry. I just hope tomorrow goes as smoothly.
But I’m sure, just being around this glorious natural beauty will be enough to take away my stresses.
Not looking forward to going back to Tokyo tomorrow night *sigh*




2 responses

15 10 2010
Gourmet Gorman

Does look amazing that..
It’s surprising there’s places like that left in such a crowded country!

18 10 2010

I know, it was amazed at how beautiful it was. Hopefully I’ll upload some better pics shortly, so please check them out when i do!

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