I hate it when guys look better in a dress than me…

4 10 2010

If you ever watched an anime set in a school, no doubt there was an episode with the ‘Culture Festival’.  Most anime portray this as a day at school when everyone opens up a cafe in their classroom.  Or maid cafe even.  But in real life, it’s a bit different.

2nd Grade Hallway

Culture Festival, or Bunkasai, is a time when each class gets together and does something in their classroom for their friends and family to come along and see.  This can be the maid cafe so often seen in anime, but also popular are haunted houses, short dramas, game rooms, and displays.

Our school had ours in September, and this year the High School kids all seemed to want to make haunted houses.  And they are scarily good at it…

Best Named Haunted House

In the Junior High, short dramas were the order of the day, with everything from Lupin the Third, Little Red Riding Hood, and ‘Sex Change Short Stories, Precious Lovers’…  No, really.

"Sex Change Short Story"... really...

It’s a lot of fun, but also pretty surreal.  Cross dressing is very popular.  Very very popular…

She needs a shave...

Myself, well, for English Club, we just did a small display about Australia, which included a paper mache Ayers Rock, and a cricket board game.

Uluru, just like the real thing 😛

I also had the distinction of being ‘pervert catcher’ this year, when I caught a guy taking photos of the girls (>.<;)

For some more non-pervy photos, check out my flickr set!




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