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25 09 2010

Every 5 years the Japanese Government holds its Population census, and 2010 is a census year.

Today I had a little Japanese man come and deliver my census forms.  At first, he was like “National something, something, something…  Do you understand”, and I was like “ummm…  no?”.  Of course this all happened in Japanese.  And then I noticed his ID strap, which had ‘2010 Population Census’ written on it in English, and it clicked.  I had read in the City newsletter that it was coming up, so I figured I actually had to talk to the census taker rather than blowing him off (like I usually do with the “I don’t understand Japanese” line I tell to salesmen).

Anyway, after the man invited himself into my apartment (seriously?  does this country have no idea about privacy or security), and asked me about how long I had lived in Japan, how many people live in my house, and my name (I really hope he really was an official census taker…)…  and then finally gave me the documents (as pictured above).  He was um-ing and ah-ing a little over the fact he only had the Japanese instructions, but I said that’s okay, there’s bound to be instructions on the internet….


Kinda… check out the 2010 Population Census website, it’s creative…. in a Japanese way…

After reading through the whole website, the only points I picked up were –

  1. The census is to be filled out on Oct 1st
  2. It can be returned to the census taker, or mailed to your local government office
  3. Make sure you don’t give it to a fake census taker, and
  4. You must fill in the census, or Japan’s whole future will not be bright and shiny because they made bad policies because YOU didn’t fill it out

It’s also worth a look at Akira Fukuzawa’s teen-magazine-worthy poses, and the token white guy on the top page.

To the Population Census Classroom! Let’s Go! (yes, let’s!)




2 responses

26 09 2010

so.. is your religion ‘Jedi’ or not?

27 09 2010

hmmm, mum wouldn’t let me do that in the aussie census… I guess nows my chance to try and make it an official religion in Japan!

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