Fuji Foto Spam!

28 08 2010

Okay, this isn’t a ‘real’ hiking post, but since it’s all about Mt Fuji I figure I can cut myself some slack.

If you’ve ever considered climbing Mt Fuji, someone has probably told you the saying “You’re a fool if you never climb Mt Fuji, and a fool if you climb it twice” (富士山にのぼらないバカ、2度のぼるバカ).  Well, I am now officially back in the ‘fool’ category, with my second climb of Mt Fuji occurring last Friday/Saturday.

Although I will do a write-up sometime in the near future, I wanted to share my photos (because hiking up that mountain with my DSLR was heavy but worth it!), so without further ado ~ Mt Fuji!

The first thing about Mt Fuji is that you can’t escape the crowds.  Here at the 5th station they all assemble to be herded up the mountain by tour operators.

The sign at the start of the Yoshida Trail –

Not far past the 6th station you leave the trees behind and the trail begins to get steeper –

At the 7th stations you start to pass mountain huts –

And you can get your hiking stick branded with a stamp at the huts –

Looking back at the 7th station huts –

After hiking up to the 8th station we had a bit of grub and tried to sleep in the Fujisan Hotel.  Then, at 2am, we set out for the summit.  Unfortunately we didn’t quite make it before sunrise, but the view from where we stopped was spectacular anyway –

And finally, a few minutes after 5, the sun appeared!

After watching the sunrise, we started on the last 30 minute hike to the summit –

Around 6am we reached the summit, where we bought some postcards, and had some breakfast at the peak huts –

And took some photos at the crater –

Before finally, starting downhill  –

It’s a hard, long hike, but very rewarding and something I would do again if I was given the chance.  If you want to see some more photos, please check out my flickr set!




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4 09 2010
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4 07 2014

最初に呼ばれた結婚式がそれだったな すごく申し訳ない気持ちになったが .
. 25 歳 結婚 早い
どうせ値段に見合う飯が出た記憶なんざ皆無だし .



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