GUNDAM IS BACK! (now with beam sabre!!!)

29 07 2010

Yes, that’s right!  The life-sized Gundam statue that was protecting Tokyo last summer has been resurrected, this time in Higashi Shizuoka, for the Shizuoka Hobby Fair.  Entrance to the Fair is free, and so is the entrance to the Gundam zone, where you can walk underneath the Gundam.  There is also a Plastic Model Museum (fee 600 yen for adults), and plenty of food stalls.

It now even holds a Beam Sabre, unfortunately though, it is not self-lit, and only a projected light lights it in the evening illumination of the statue (from 5pm).  However the Gundam still has a short period every half hour when it flashes internal lights and moves its head, and the statue also emits steam once an hour with the light show.

For more Gundam!photoporn please check out my flickr set (60 photos, of dubious quality…).

The Shizuoka Hobby Fair runs at the above location from July 24th, 2010 until March 27th 2011.




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