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13 07 2010

As I mentioned in my ‘good ‘cherry’ hunting’ post, the Japanese sweet factory Kikyoya that we visited has a very impressive museum of sugar flowers.  Now, to be honest, I’m not sure if these were all made by hand, or if they are all made of sugar, but I’m positive they would have to have been put together by hand and would have taken a long time to make.

So, firstly we have some purple and white flowers –

and a close up –

isn’t the detail amazing?

Irises –

Bamboo shoots –

Gourds –

A hydrangea bush –

and a close up of the hydrangeas –

Imagine sticking all those flowers together!!!

And lastly, probably my favourite, autumn leaves –

although this next close up isn’t from the tree above, it’s kinda similar, being an omikuji (fortune) tied to a branch of autumn leaves –

Of course this is only a few of the photos I’ve taken, so if you’d like to see more please head on over to my flickr set!  It includes fish, cosmos, lilies, snow covered grass, wisteria, cherry blossoms and more!




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