‘a meowing cat catches no rats’

1 05 2010


鳴く猫は鼠をとらぬ – ‘a meowing cat catches no rats'(all talk and no action)

The Problem:  Many Tokyoites live in apartments, or work long hours, and can’t keep a pet.  And yet, many still crave the love and affection of a pet.

The Idea:  A place with cats where people can come and play and pet them.

The Execution:  Cat Cafes

Lauren and I visited a Cat Cafe while she was in town.  The idea is great I think, being able to go to a cafe and play with cats, take photos, and just chill out.  And it really didn’t seem to be cruel in any way, the cafes have quite strict rules (like no waking sleeping cats, or doing things they don’t like), are quite well staffed, and the cats have an area to escape to if the humans become too much.

We visited Nekorobi in Ikebukuro, which was one of the cheapest and closest cat cafes to where I live.  It was 1000 yen for 1 hour, and that included free drinks, cookies and cats!  In the room there were about 10 cats, and about 6 or 7 customers at a time.  The cats had plenty of toys and baskets, and there were some sofas and chairs about the room for the humans (and sometimes the cats).



Although I think it’s a great idea, you’ve gotta admit that a cat’s personality isn’t really suited for this kind of work day in and day out.  Most of the time, most of the cats were sleeping.  Not many wanted to play, and some would walk away as soon as you petted them.  They only got active when, just as we were leaving, they were being fed.  So really, we spent most of the time just taking photos of the cats.  I will admit, they did have some very beautiful cats!



Once again, Lauren made a video!  And check out her YouTube Channel!




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