Kairakuen Ume 偕楽園 梅

18 04 2010
Kairakuen Gate

Kairakuen Gate

Another very famous place to see Ume (Japanese Plum) is Kairukuen 偕楽園 in Mito 水戸, Ibaraki 茨城県.  Kairakuen 偕楽園 is actually known as one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, and has over 3000 plum trees.  The Mito Plum Festival 水戸梅まつり is held every year from February 20th to March 31st, and lends the garden a fun, festival feel on top of the plum blossom viewing.

Kairukuen 偕楽園 is accessible from Kairukuen Station 偕楽園駅 during the festival, but trains are irregular.  It is also approximately 30 minutes walk from Mito Station 水戸駅.  Entrance to the park is free, but to enter Kobuntei 好文亭 (The traditional Japanese house) is 190yen.  More details are available on the Kairukuen 偕楽園 website.

Here are some photos from my visit to the park on March 18th.

View towards the lake

View towards the lake

As you can see, on a Sunday during the festival there are a lot of visitors at the park



Kobuntei was also really popular, with lines over 30 minutes just to enter.

White and Pink Plum Blossoms

White and Pink Plum Blossoms

The day I went to the park the blossoms were about 80% in bloom, and there was quite a variety.

Green Plum Blossoms

Green Plum Blossoms

These blossoms were unusual as they have a green center.  I was listening to a guide who said that even a week before the green was very strong.

White Plum Blossoms

White Plum Blossoms

Kairakuen also has a bamboo grove and cedar wood –

If you want to see some more pictures check out my flickr set.

Also, keep an eye out for my food report from the festival!




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