Ume 梅

8 03 2010

Ume Blossom

Ume 梅 (Japanese Apricot or sometimes refered to as Plum) blooms from about mid February to March.  It’s really similar to Sakura, but lasts a lot longer and has a mild scent.  However, unlike Sakura, the Ume isn’t as abundant.

In Tokyo, one of the most famous places to view Ume is Koishikawa Korakuen, in Bunkyo ward.  The garden has a Ume grove, called Bairin, that contains over 20 different types of flowering Ume trees.  It is only 8 minutes walk from Iidabashi Station, and entrance is 300 yen.

Here are some photos from my visit to the park on February 21st.

Bairin - the Ume grove

White Ume

Weeping Ume

Pink Ume

for more photos of Ume check out my flickr set!




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