Kubikiri Koala

8 03 2010

yes, that’s right… A decapitated koala…

Bwhahahah…. Now that I have your attention…

So, Lotte’s Koala March has come out with a special flavor, Custard Waffle. Don’t really get why it is touted as waffle flavored, but whatever sells I guess.

Overall, not bad, but not special. Not all that different from white chocolate I thought.  But any Koala shaped snack is alright by me.  Plus they do donate towards the Save the Koala Foundation!

KitKat has also come out with a new seasonal flavour – Sakura Green Tea (Sakura Matcha). But there is no way I’m trying that. Green tea flavoured items just taste off to me…



One response

9 03 2010

I like your blog, that’s why I want to give you an award; http://fuifduif.wordpress.com/2010/03/09/i-just-loooove-your-blog/

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