Yokohama Bike Ride

9 02 2010

JAPANiCAN ran a free bicycle rental day in Yokohama last Saturday.  It was actually a survey for the Yokohama government in trying to improve tourism and road traffic in the area, so after riding around we had to fill in a survey (but we were also paid 2,000 yen).

I asked a friend to go with me, and we met bright and early on Saturday to get our bikes.  The bikes were really interesting.  I was my first opportunity to ride a powered bicycle, and while fun, I don’t think I could live with one everyday.

We spent the next few hours cycling along the waterfront in Yokohama.  Both of us had been to Yokohama a number of times before, so we had seen most things already, but as this was my first time there with my SLR I took some photos of the buildings.

Here is the Red Brick Warehouses, which are now a shopping mall –

The buildings nicknamed King, Queen and Jack (respectively) –

Jack (the bottom one) is my favourite.

The girl with red shoes on

And of course, what’s a trip to Yokohama without stopping in Chinatown to have some eats (^-^)v My pick of the day was Chilli Prawn Buns –




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