Kyushu- Nagasaki day 2

16 12 2009

Oh I’m so tired! you are lucky to get a blog update today!
Okay, anyway, Nagasaki day 2! Today was a little slower, and certainly more introspective (not sure if that’s quite the right word…). We started the day out by catching a train to Urakami and the Peace Park. This park is built to commemorate peace and has a large statue to represent atomic weapons, peace and prayers for the victims of the atomic bomb blast. Down the road from here is also the epicentre of where the atomic bomb over Nagasaki exploded. And then right next to that was the Atomic Bomb Museum. Words really can’t describe what these places are like. It’s amazing that so much distruction occurred there, and yet now they are healthy clean places. And being able to see the affects of the bomb, walk around the few exsisting ruins. It’s a very sombering experience. Sad, but if you do ever go to Hiroshima or Nagasaki, the atomic bomb museums are a must visit.
We then walked a little further to the one legged Torii gate which is pictured below. The other half of the gate was blasted down by the bomb, while this half remains standing. Quite surreal really.
After having some lunch (no remarkable foods today) we went to some temples, and then back to our hotel. This was to rug up as just before dusk we caught the rope way up Mt Inasa to see the view of Nagasaki. Nagasaki is said to have one of the top three night views in Japan. You can also see a picture below. We have been to Hakodate (another one) and although Nagasaki doesn’t have such a nice shape as there, the city was quite clear and beautiful.
Tomorrow we will be travelling to our next city, so goodbye to Nagasaki!



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