Happy New Blog!!!

16 07 2009

It’s out with my old Xanga blog and in with a new WordPress one.  After 5 years on Xanga I’ve decided I want a ‘proper’ website, and this is my first step.

The aim is to write a website that has a purpose, and so, it will follow the themes of hiking, walks, flowers, food and my general life.  And to start with I would like to state some resolutions (new blog resolutions??)

  1. Lose weight… opps, no, wrong kind of resolution…

Lets try that again.

  1. Write once a week
  2. Write interesting entries, which for me is a hard goal.  My writing is quite bland, but that won’t improve without practice right?
  3. Include multimedia, photos, videos, etc
  4. Write entries for hikes, walks, flower information, etc, as if they were for a guide book, so that people can find them useful!
  5. Eventually, I suppose I should also write in Japanese… practice and all that….  we’ll see.

So thats enough to start with.  Wish me luck!



4 responses

20 07 2009

I’ll believe it when I see it and applaud you greatly when it does


24 07 2009

😛 well, I’ve done my second post in my second week…. its a start…

30 09 2009
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